My why

So, how did I get from a long time career in Musical Theater to Health Coaching? It’s a crazy story I can tell you over a cup of tea some time, but to give you an idea, my son has severe food allergies and many sensitivities, including to chemicals and medications. We have always been very aware of what is in our food, but our turning point was a couple years ago when my son started taking a popular asthma medication. Within a very short time, his behavior began to change and one day, like a switch, his brain chemistry was completely altered. We watched our happy vibrant child slip away over a matter of days. He had severe neuropsychological side effects from the medication that were debilitating and proved to be one of the most terrifying experiences of our life. Doctors couldn’t really help and we were losing our child right before our eyes. So, like any mom on a mission, I did more research than the FBI. Fortunately, I found a support group online for people who had the same experience as our family and was able to get advice on the best path to healing.

we witnessed the healing power of food and our son returned to his wonderful, happy, vibrant self

We completely changed our lifestyle to a holistic way of living and saw amazing changes, not only in our son, but in ourselves. We started eating clean, using non-toxic household and personal products, using essential oils and salt lamps and doing yoga and meditation. Over the next few months, we witnessed the healing power of food and our son returned to his wonderful, happy, vibrant self. My husband and I effortlessly lost weight (45 lbs combined!), felt more energetic and transformed our lives. I no longer suffer from the seasonal allergies I had my entire life and my husband is off all medications he’s taken for years, with his doctor’s blessing! It is undeniable to me what a healthy lifestyle can provide and I want everyone to feel as good as we do.

So, I studied nutrition and became a certified health coach. I learned the true importance of being healthy and how to help prevent common lifestyle diseases. I want to be part of the revolution in health and help spark the change that is creating the shift the world needs right now!