This Was
life changing experience I wish all
moms could
do this!
Jenny Dixon

"Participating in the Total Transformation 90 Day Program with Elissa has been a life changing experience. As a busy mom that works from home and has kids in sports year round, our attitude towards meal planning was survival mode- whatever we could cook fast and eat on the go. Our pantry was filled with snacks that I knew weren't our healthiest options. I was constantly feeling tired and wanting to lose the last few unforgiving pounds left from my pregnancies. I was interested in developing a healthier lifestyle for my family, but didn't really know where to start.

Elissa helped me develop and prioritize my goals in all these areas. As a result of our work together, I was amazed to see results so incredibly fast! Over 12 sessions, I hit my goal weight purely by changing my diet, increased my daily water intake, dramatically reduced my craving for sweets, and doubled my energy.

Elissa truly makes the program kid friendly and encourages full family involvement. My kids loved participating in each session's action steps and now count how many super foods they can eat in a day!

This course is an investment not only for your own personal health, but will produce lifelong healthy habits for your entire family. I wish all moms could do this!"

- Jenny Dixon -

"Participating in the 90 Day Total Transformation was a true gift! Elissa immediately made me feel comfortable and I quickly trusted her and the process.

I have spent a ton of money and time trying to get a healthier me - I was always looking for the quick fix and fast results. I have tried many health and fitness programs-including attending the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara. While I LOVE the Biggest Loser Resort, working with Elissa is a much more ‘real’ experience because I am working with her while I am at home facing my day to day challenges (instead of in the Biggest Loser ‘bubble’).

Now it is a few weeks out and I have had the time to reflect on some of the changes I have made - the biggest is my Dunkin iced tea addiction. I am drinking much more water and saving money! I am making time each week to prep some meals and meal plan. I am back at the gym and getting my walks in. I am also better at saying no- while I appreciate my friends and all the invites, I also know that I need to be a little kinder to me and stay home every once in a while. ...and sleep!

I know I am still a work in progress- far from perfection- but that is really one of the biggest lessons here, right? Progress not perfection!"

- Denise Ward -

"We all need a little help to change our (bad) habits and routines that prevent us from living a healthy and productive life. The 90 Day Total Transformation gave me the needed boost to change and adjust my daily routine. First, I started to look at food from a difference angle, and made more informed choices when buying groceries or preparing my meals. I do my best to balance my diet, always listening to Elissa’s voice in my head …protein, carbs and fat…. meal should last 20 minutes…. chew properly…. It is like a mantra to me. Then, I needed to work on my exercise routine. I was a special case as a meniscus surgery interrupted my program. Elissa was very gentle and supportive while I recovered. She tried to make adjustments to the lessons so I could take full advantage of what the program offered. Speaking with Elissa on a weekly basis and sharing my accomplishments and my failures gave me strong support and encouraged me to continue without feeling guilty because I ate an extra piece of chocolate or had one more glass of wine at dinner. I am back to my healthy self and bike to and from work daily. Because Elissa is a living example of what she teaches, I fully trusted her guidance and her advice."

- Kinga Savarese -

"Working with Elissa for the last 90 days has been a transformative experience both physically and mentally. Elissa gave me all the tools and knowledge that I needed to reach my goals and then some.

The way I think about food, eating, exercise, even breathing has changed dramatically and has improved so many aspects of my life that I couldn't even imagine on Day One.

Elissa has helped me to break habits, replacing these negative behaviors with positive ones that fuel my days with energy and positivity.

Having Elissa there to hold me accountable and give me the guidance needed to achieve my weekly action steps was invaluable. She is truly the most kind-hearted, caring and motivating person and I can’t wait for my next 90 days!"

- Ari Orfanella -